News Coverage

Reuters – August, 16 2019
U.S. SEC fines Cantor, BMO Capital Markets over improper handling of ADRs

New York Daily News – March 19, 2019
We need less gambling, not more: Just like state lotteries, the NCAA tournament encourages too many low-income Americans to part with their money

South China Morning Post - December 6, 2017
image IPO Hong Kong set to lose global IPO crown to New York and Shanghai as fundraising halves

Vineyard Gazette – November 2, 2017
Vineyard Bookshelf: Going Public by Norm Champ

The Investment Lawyer – September 2017
Going Public by Norm Champ: A Tell-Some Expose of "Bureaucratic Warfare," "Bizarro Decisions" and "Political Hit Jobs" by a Former Director of the SEC’s Division of Investment Management (first published in The Lawyer’s Almanac)

Financial Advisor – September 8, 2017
Industry Takes Sides on SEC Fiduciary Rule

Barron’s – September 7, 2017
New SEC Appointee Could Tackle Fiduciary First

The Steve Pomeranz Show – September 6, 2017
Norm Champ Goes Public With His Adventures Inside The SEC – Post Madoff

The Reardon Firm – July 17, 2017
Look in the Mirror: Why the Numbers of Public Companies and IPOs are in Decline
Look in the Mirror

Wall Street Journal Pro – June 15, 2017
SEC Oversight Will Remain But Relax, Says a Former Director

MarketWatch – June 7, 2017
Opinion: Powerball and other lotteries don’t replace taxes — they add to them

InvestmentNews – June 2, 2017
SEC reasserts itself on investment-advice standards, but it’s not clear whether it will overtake DOL fiduciary rule

Prawfsblawg – May 29, 2017
Summer Reading Suggestions

The Atlantic – May 20, 2017
No Movie Could Capture the Crazy Details of Bernie Madoff’s Story

Financial Executives International – May 18, 2017
Inside the SEC With An SEC Insider: Q&A With Norm Champ

Agenda – May 15, 2017
Q&A: Talking Deregulation and Tax Cuts With an SEC Insider

The Hill – May 3, 2017
Trump faces tall order in turning tide of sluggish SEC bureaucracy

Harvard Law Bulletin – May 1, 2017
HLS Authors and Auteurs

The Financial Exchange Radio Show – April 18, 2017
Norm Champ (Former SEC Official)

myScience – April 18, 2017
Going Public: My Adventures Inside the SEC’ interview with Norm Champ – April 17, 2017
Former SEC Director Norm Champ Chronicles Time with the SEC

Wall Street Journal – April 16, 2017
Preventing the Next Madoff

New York Post – April 15, 2017
Top Wall Street lawyer takes aim at SEC in new book

Securities Regulation Daily – April 14, 2017
STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVES—Former IM director Norm Champ writes book about SEC tenure, offers reform ideas

ThinkAdvisor – April 13, 2017
ThinkLeader: Deep Dive—Norm Champ Digs Into New Book About SEC

ThinkAdvisor – April 13, 2017
3-2-1: ThinkLeader! Norm Champ, Ex-SEC Director of Investment Management

The Atlantic Business – April 12, 2017
From Wall Street Lawyer to Wall Street Watchdog

Above the Law – April 12, 2017
Non-Sequiturs: A former SEC lawyer, Norm Champ, tells all in a new book.

South China Morning Post – April 3, 2017
Let battle commence: New York, Hong Kong IPO rivalry set to intensify

CNBC – March 28, 2017
What will happen to Dodd-Frank?

Financial Times – March 27, 2017
Obama’s fiduciary rule is a disaster, warns former SEC regulator

The Deal – March 24, 2017
Remaking the SEC After the Crisis; Norm Champ discusses his new book "Going Public" and his experiences as a senior staffer at the SEC from 2010 to 2015

Seeking Alpha – March 23, 2017
Champ, Going Public

GARP Risk Intelligence – March 23, 2017
A Former SEC Division Head on How to Regulate Better

Risk Magazine – March 13, 2017
Silent running: on the trail of the SEC’s missing CDS rules

IA Watch – March 9, 2017
Former official reveals inside look at the SEC, offers prescription to avoid future crises

Fund Board Views – March 7, 2017
Norm Champ tells of SEC ‘adventures’ in new book

Money Matter$ – March 5, 2017
Money Matters 3-5-17

Fund Fire – March 2, 2017
Trump‘s SEC Won’t Let Up on Fees, Expenses

Hedge Fund Legal & Compliance Digest – February 23, 2017
A Look Behind the Curtains at the SEC: An Interview with Norm Champ, Former Director of the Division of Investment Management

The Daily Princetonian – February 23, 2017
Q&A with former SEC Official Norm Champ ’85

The Hedge Fund Law Report – February 16, 2017
How the Trump Administration’s Core Principles for Financial Regulation May Benefit the U.S. Funds Industry (Part One of Two)

Fund Fire – February 16, 2017
Less SEC Rule-Making Ahead Under Trump

Fund Directions – February 14, 2017
DIM chief’s retention seen as boon to industry

Compliance Reporter – February 14, 2017
Compliance eyes Trump memo on Dodd-Frank, fiduciary rule

The Hill – February 13, 2017
Federal financial agency should get axe in Dodd-Frank overhaul

Princeton Alumni Weekly – February 8, 2017
Going Public: My Adventures Inside the SEC and How to Prevent the Next Devastating Crisis

Think Advisor – February 7, 2017
Dodd-Frank Rollback Gets Rolling With Financial Choice Act Reintroduction

Pensions & Investments – February 3, 2017
Trump calls for Dodd-Frank review, fiduciary rule delay or replacement

Hedge Fund Legal & Compliance Digest – December 8, 2016
Best Practices for Addressing and Mitigating Problems Outlined in Deficiency Letters

Lawyer Monthly – December 7, 2016
My Legal Life – NORMAN CHAMP – Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Board IQ – November 29, 2016
Will New SEC Leadership Ease Burden on Fund Directors?

Hedge Fund Legal & Compliance Digest – November 18, 2016
To Tell or Not to Tell: Best Practices for Managers Considering Whether to Self-Report Legal or Regulatory Violations

Investment News – November 18, 2016
Trump administration could stymie DOL fiduciary rule by dropping legal defense

Investment News – November 14, 2016
Head of Trump’s SEC transition may not have to look far for new chairperson

IA WATCH – July 25, 2016
Recent PE case rekindles unresolved issue about registering as B-Ds

In Touch (King’s College Alumni Magazine) – Spring 2016

From Strength to Strength
From Strength to Strength – In Touch

Pensions & Investments – June 13, 2016
Ex-SEC director’s book peels back layers

Fund Action – April 18, 2016
Norm Champ Talks Regs, Election Aftermath

Global Risk Regulator – April 1, 2016
US investment funds resist derivatives cap

New York Times – March 9, 2016
Mutual Funds Oppose S.E.C.’s Plan for a Bigger Cash Cushion

New York Law Journal – February 26, 2016
On the Move

Investment News – February 25, 2016
SEC director says assuming 10% of advisers are reviewed each year is wrong

Financial Advisor – February 25, 2016
DOL Rules And SEC Standards On Fiduciaries Could Differ, Says Exec

Think Advisor – February 25, 2016
DOL Fiduciary Rule Will Force Brokers Out, Ex-SEC IM Director Says

ACA Insight – February 22, 2016
Examiners, Examiners: SEC Would Add More Than 200 by End of FY 2017

Financial Times – February 14, 2016
Movers & shakers: February 15

Law360 – February 1, 2016
Revolving-Door Roundup: Kirkland, Milbank, Orrick

American Lawyer – February 1, 2016
Holland & Knight Hires in Connecticut, Plus More Lateral Moves

Law 360 – January 27, 2016
Kirkland & Ellis Lures Ex-Federal Investment Regulator

Think Advisor – January 27, 2016
SEC’s Former IM Director Champ to Join Kirkland & Ellis

Wall Street Journal – January 27, 2016
Former SEC Fund Norm Champ Chief Joins Kirkland & Ellis Law Firm

Bloomberg – January 27, 2016
SEC’s Former Top Hand on Mutual Funds to Join Kirkland & Ellis

Reuters – January 13, 2016
US SEC reviews high-yield funds following Third Ave blowup

Bloomberg – December 15, 2015
Third Avenue Portends Regulators’ Fears and Could Spur New Rules

Think Advisor – December 8, 2015
Ex-SEC Commish Paredes Urges Advisors to ‘Engage’ SEC on Third-Party Exam Rule

Fund Board Views – December 4, 2015
Valuation: Fund directors’ obligations, best practices

Financial Times – November 27, 2015
Mutual hedge funds shunned by investors

Financial Advisor – November 24, 2015
Ex-SEC Exec Says Third-Party Exams For FAs Fraught With Danger

Think Advisor – November 24, 2015
Third-Party Advisor Audits Could Be a Disaster: Norm Champ

Wealth Management Magazine – November 24, 2015
Is There a Liquidity Risk in Liquid Alts?

Mutual Fund Wire – November 24, 2015
Champ Takes the SEC to Task Over Outsourced Exams

Wall Street Journal – November 22, 2015
Op-ed by Norm Champ - Investment Advisers Don’t Need Mystery Monitors

Bloomberg – October 1, 2015
These Activists Are Making Life Miserable for SEC, Wall Street

Reuters – September 2015
Compliance officer fines spur debate over U.S. SEC tactic

Think Advisor – February 2015
SEC Names Grim Acting Director of Investment Management

LAW 360 – January 2015
SEC Loses Key Force Behind $3T Money Market Reforms

Wall Street Journal – January 2015
SEC Fund Chief to Step Down

Investment News – October 2014
Liquid alts get warning from SEC’s Norm Champ

Pensions & Investments – May 2013
SEC’s Champ is very comfortable with change

New York Times – June 2013
Some Baby Steps on Money Funds