Mastering Money

Available November 2019

Norm Champ writes:

I've been in the front lines at the SEC trying to stop the devastating effects of fraud and investor scams. I've studied how the government isn't looking out for its citizens—whether it is the legal scam of the lottery or the cheap money printed by the Federal Reserve. The government wants us to be a nation of bored shoppers, not savers.

It's time for Americans to take their financial destiny back into their own hands.

I wrote this book because I want to help Americans learn the fundamentals of getting their finances in order and beginning to invest in the future.

We're a nation of immigrants and pioneers, enriched by the honest struggle of those who overcame slavery, poverty, and all manner of the toughest odds. At our best, we are a nation that made a better life through work and thrift to advance our children and grandchildren to a stronger place. We did that through education, community, hard work, and the stable neighborhoods that flourish when people can honestly afford to buy or rent their homes and apartments with sound money.

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mastering money